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Who Gets the Wedding Ring in a Divorce in Texas

During divorce proceedings and the division of assets, a common question that comes up is who keeps the wedding ring. In the state of Texas, the engagement ring is a gift that is conditioned upon the acceptance of the proposal of marriage. Once the acceptance is made, then it becomes the property of the person who accepted the proposal of marriage. Following the proposal, the ownership of ring can sway depending on a variety of different factors.

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When Can a Child Choose Which Parent to Live with in Texas

There are many urban myths in family law, and whether a child can choose which parent to live with is one of the most persistent matters in a divorce. A child’s best interests are the primary focus of Texas family law and do not specify a specific age for a child’s right to choose. As a result, it is not accurate to say that when a child reaches 12 years old they will have the right to choose which parent to live with. Texas family code accounts for a child’s opinion no matter the age.

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How to Build a Shared Custody Schedule for
Co-Parenting after a Divorce

Recently divorced parents face the challenge of adjusting their schedules for their children. There’s doctor appointments, sports practices, school, and the time you get to bond with your child — parenting time that now needs to be divided up. If both parents agree that co-parenting their children is the most important thing to their family, building a custody schedule by week, month, or year is doable.