3 Basic Tips for Co-Parenting During the Holidays

With the holiday season now underway, parents across Texas have begun planning a warm and cheery time for their children — a time to make happy memories that kids can reflect upon for years to come. That said, the holidays can also be stressful, perhaps especially if you and your co-parent are divorced or separated.

At the Vaught Law Firm, we understand the time-sharing challenges parents face during the holidays, and we’d like to discuss some child-centered tips for reducing your stress and ensuring that your kids have a warm and merry experience.


A Rundown of Issues in and Not in Guy Pearce’s Remarkably Polite Divorce

If you follow celebrity divorces, then you probably know that it’s rare to find one that doesn’t involve some bit of scandal. Fame has a way of drawing divorcing couples’ private issues into the spotlight.

Because divorce for celebrities and everyday people is often contentious, it’s refreshing every once in a while to hear of a divorce that is apparently going as well as possible for both parties. Actor Guy Pearce and his wife of 18 years, Kate Mestitz, recently announced their divorce, and according to Pearce, the now-ex-spouses still “couldn’t be closer.”


3 Things Texans Should Know About Family Law Appeals

When your family situation or financial future is at stake, resolving a family law dispute can be very difficult and emotional work, especially if the case goes to trial. Unfortunately, not every family law case ends with both sides feeling comfortable and satisfied with the judge’s decision.

It is possible, though, in some cases, to successfully appeal a ruling related to divorce, child custody, property division or another contested family law issue. There are important distinctions to be aware of, however, regarding the initial trial process and the appellate process.


Legal Issues of Divorce Already Affect Legal Same-Sex Marriages

Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling that legalizes same-sex marriage in all fifty states, many same-sex couples have rushed to get a marriage license. But, as with heterosexual marriages, divorces among same-sex couples will undoubtedly follow. In fact, one week prior to the U.S. Court’s ruling declaring same-sex marriage constitutional, the Texas Supreme Court upheld a divorce granted in 2009 between a same-sex couple in Travis County. And at least two Texas couples filed for divorce within days after the Supreme Court’s ruling was announced.


Property Division in Texas

When couples go through divorce in Texas, one of the biggest conflicts is often asset and property division. This can become tricky when you consider the fact that this is a communal property state, meaning everything acquired during the marriage is automatically shared. If you and your spouse can come to an agreement, the court will usually allow you to distribute the property yourself. If not, the courts will divide it for you.


What if Homer and Marge Simpson got Divorced in Texas?

For a while fans of The Simpsons feared the animated sitcom would come to an end after a longtime producer of the show announced the marital split of Homer and Marge. As you may know, the marriage has been on the rocks many times over the course of 27 seasons, but you probably wouldn’t have guessed that the couple from Springfield would “legally separate.”

Fans’ fears were assuaged, however, when it was revealed that the separation would not be permanent.


Celebrity Chef Cooks up Tasty Lesson about Prenuptial Agreements

With all the recent news about prenuptial agreements in celebrity chef divorces, you’d think the only dishes being prepared on the food channels are from recipes for disaster. Celebrity chef Bobby Flay has been involved in a contentious divorce over the last several months with his prenuptial agreement at the heart of the dispute, even arguing over winnings and proceeds from the sale of a race horse he gave his soon-to-be-ex as a gift.


Alternatives to Legal Separation

Most states recognize legal separations, but Texas is one of the few states that does not. A legal separation is a court-approved separation. Like a divorce, the spouses live apart and have different legal rights and obligations. The main difference is that the couple is still legally married. Legal separations are beneficial for couples that do not want a divorce yet but still want to settle issues about finances, property, and parenting.


Divorce Asset Distribution Requires Legal Expertise

“Death and taxes” have been referred to as two of life’s certainties, but there are others. One of them is that the longer you are married, the more assets you and your spouse will acquire that can be considered to be community property of the marriage. When a marriage — especially one that has lasted for several years — ends in divorce, asset distribution sometimes becomes a highly contentious matter.