We Know the Issues Facing Executives During Divorce

Divorces involving executives are complex matters that necessitate the involvement of an experienced divorce attorney. Without the counsel of a lawyer who has a comprehensive understanding of the issues that can arise in high-profile divorces, the proceedings can drag on for an excessively long time and the division of assets may not align with what is fair to both parties.

At Vaught Law Firm, we have the experience and insight necessary to provide executives or their spouses with the high-quality representation they need when their marriages have reached an end. Our clients work directly with board-certified attorneys Jimmy Vaught, Erin C. Leake, and Jason Wright throughout the course of their case. This allows clients to gain the peace of mind that comes from having knowledgeable advocates protecting their interests and providing trusted advice at all times.

Our Austin divorce lawyers for executives are equipped to serve clients in any business sector, including high technology, oil and natural resources, finance, health care, law, agriculture and livestock, and other industries throughout Texas.

Executive Divorce Issues

Our attorneys are well-versed in all of the factors that can affect the outcome of high net worth divorces. This allows us to address the full range of issues involved in executive divorce, including:

  • Salary and bonuses
  • Executive perks
  • Custody and support in high-asset families
  • Stock options
  • Tracing of separate and community property
  • Real estate and closely held companies
  • Pension benefits and retirement accounts
  • Alimony (contractual) or spousal support

Whether these or any other issues are present in an executive divorce, our team of dedicated attorneys has the decades of combined experience and proven legal strategies necessary to streamline the process and protect your interests.

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