We Will Advocate for Spousal Support that is Equitable

In Texas, when you get divorced, you take your separate property and your share of the community property. One spouse has no obligation to continue to support a former spouse through alimony (known as spousal support).

Recent legislative sessions, however, changed the law so it is easier and more common for the court to issue spousal support as a part of a divorce proceeding. Due to this recent shift in the law, it is vital you work with an attorney who understands exactly what you may be entitled to receive, or required to pay, and can protect your rights during divorce proceedings.

Experienced Attorneys Providing Cutting-Edge Representation For Spousal Support and Alimony Cases

At the Vaught Law Firm, we stay at the forefront of Austin family law; we know how to leverage recent legislative changes to our clients’ benefit, and to ensure you are treated in an equitable manner.

One of the innovative strategies our Austin spousal support attorneys use is known as contractual alimony. We use this as a tool that allows a high-asset earner to pay his or her lower-income spouse in a way that is beneficial to both parties. Contractual alimony can be used to shift a portion of the high earner’s income to the lower earner. This allows the lower earner to obtain additional income, and provides the higher earner with a tax deduction at a higher rate.

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