Fair, firm, honest, supportive, empathetic, helpful

Throughout the process of working on my case, Jason Wright was professional, honest, supportive and helpful. He promptly returned phone calls and responded to emails, often offering more information than I had asked as to alleviate additional concerns I may develop. Jason was very patient with me as I asked several questions and he addressed each one of my questions and concerns with a very helpful and guiding tone. During emotional times, Jason was both steadfast, empathetic while helping me work through my feelings, reassuring me of the process and how to move forward to handle my case. Jason helped me see the bigger picture, but was undoubtedly firmly representing my interests. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case and the representation Jason Wright offered me.
– K. B.

Caring and committed, our attorney for life

Mr. Wright truly exemplifies the honest, honorable, and sincere lawyer that some believe only exists on TV or film. Although the negative stereotypes that haunt the law profession are most likely the result of a few bad apples, it was nice to have a lawyer that was from the absolute beginning of our relationship so clearly good and authentic. Mr. Wright assisted us when we were the victims of another’s greed and ill will. If it hadn’t been for his relentless attention to the details of our case, my family would have been hurt beyond measure. Mr. Wright’s professionalism is unmatched, his heart is good, and he will be our attorney for life. We can’t recommend him enough.
– C. T.

Exemplary work

Thank you for all the exemplary work you and your staff provided and for all your professional courtesies towards me. Wishing you all the best, Jimmy.
-E. B.


I was referred to Jason by another attorney I had worked with in the past. Jason was responsive, timely, and effective. He listened to what I wanted and was honest about what he thought was reasonable as well as what he thought was going too far. He was extremely knowledgeable and helped me understand my rights and explained my legal documents. His fees are fair and he always kept me updated on my bill. He was great to work with and if I should ever need an attorney again (hopefully not) I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to Jason.
– A. B.

Child custody resolution

Mr. Wright was very personable and helped me make the tough decisions needed in a child custody case. He is a dedicated father himself, and understands how to speak to his clients with his heart. Mr. Wright is also experienced legally, but it was his personality that helped get me through my situation.
– S. K.

Excellent representation for stay at home parent

I found Mr. Wright by way of a friend who had been represented by the same firm during his divorce. As a long time stay at home dad who had returned to the workforce, I was anxious about how my time spent away from my career would affect my access to my children. It took only a consultation for Mr. Wright to understand my concerns and my hoped for outcomes. Mr. Wright took his time and explained each step of this arduous process to my satisfaction and understanding. After months of working through the process, I came away with all of my desired outcomes in place. I had the access to my kids that I desired and I was able to ensure they would get to grow up in the only home they had ever known. Mr. Wright was never confused nor dismissive of the complexities involved in my case, where the traditional child care-giver roles were reversed. It is because of his guidance and support that I am enjoying peaceful time with my children as often as I dared hope.
– M. S.